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Digital Design Hub - Work Spaces

What is the Digital Hub?

The Digital Hub is an environment that provides resources and benefits to local companies while supplying student groups with work experience and skill building opportunities that enhance and supplement their courses as well as providing a workspace for local digital professionals who are just starting out in the industry, (some will be our Alumni), and undertaking work for local small businesses and other college curriculum areas

Who can use the Digital Hub?

Any local creative who is looking for a workspace is welcome to contact us. We plan to have space for 12 workstations, 4 with Mac Pros, 4 with iMacs and 4 workstations where people can use their own laptops.

These workspaces are offered at a very competitive rate and we hope these creatives will utilise some of the colleges more experienced students as assistants on their projects delivering valuable work experience.

Benefits to Businesses:

Access to a diverse range of digital and creative skill sets for advice and services to improve and expand their business at low costs – some of the standard services could be offered for free to Non-Profits as part of the students work experience programme.

A local friendly team to offer low cost Web Design and Maintenance services to small businesses.

Offer help and advice to students and creatives about operating businesses, helping them avoid pitfalls. Possible exchange of services.

Supply live projects / work experience / work placements for students.

Benefits to Creatives:

Access to a well-equipped work space with computers, software and meeting spaces.

Opportunities for networking and collaboration with other creatives, opening possibilities for working on larger joint projects.

Access to student workforce to carry out aspects of their projects subject to skills and offer work experience to students, teach new / advanced skills – share experience.

Benefits to Students:

Opportunities to work on live projects for real clients, with opportunities to gain valuable work experience and possibly work placements.

Enhanced skills through real world application. Gain greater understanding of industry practices.

Work as part of a production team, improving communication skills and developing confidence in a production environment.

Our Work Spaces

This new Digital Hub has 12 work spaces available for booking on a daily basis, 4 with Mac Pros, 4 with 21 inch iMacs and 4 laptop ready desk spaces with power and network ports. There is a B&W printer network connected to all of our Macs, and reasonable usage is included.

The room is spacious and light and includes a small meeting area with table and chairs for 6 people, plus a connected wall mounted TV which can display from any of the workspace screens via Apple TV.

All of our Macs have Microsoft Office, Apple iWorks and Adobe CC 2020 installed. Full wired internet access together with WiFi is included.